The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica revelations show the EU has made the right choice to propose and
carry out an ambitious data protection reform through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The General Data Protection Regulation rules will apply as of 25 May 2018. They will bring several
improvements to deal with data protection violations in the future:
Privacy policies will have to be written in a clear,straightforward language.
The user will need to give an affirmative consent before his/her data can be used by a business.
Silence is no consent.Businesses will have to inform users without delay in case of harmful data breach.
The user will be able to move his/her data, for instance to another social media platform.
The user will have the right to access and get a copy of his/her data, a business has on him/her.
Users will have a clearly defined “right to be forgotten” (right to erasure), with clear safeguards.
The European Data Protection Board grouping all 28 data protection authorities, will have the
powers to provide guidance and interpretation and adopt binding decisions in case several EU
 countries are concerned by the same case. is agree with the new law and
use customers information safe and protected.

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