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Feedback spit-backdoll

Thanks, James:
The doll is awesome just what I expected. Well worth the wait, I never saw a doll with this type of vacuum, function .It blew my mind I’m going to have a lot of fun with this👍


today I recived my doll. Everything is all right. Cutest toy ever seen! Great pleasure playing with her. Maybe later I will buy another one :-) ...

Trank you very much!

Kind regards 
S..... Sc........

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We've asked one of our regular customer,

Hank from Florida, why does he like our spit-backdolls so much. Here comes the answer: 


James: Hi Hank! Do you mind me calling your real name? 

Hank: Hi James, it's totally fine with me :)

James: While I was going through our accountancy, I've noticed that you've already ordered numerous types of dolls, various accessories, hairs, lingerie from us, hence I thought I'd like to have you interviewed. Would you mind telling us, why do you like our products? 

Hank: First of, I would like to have it clreared, if a man says he doesn't masturbate, the person is either lieing or ill. Men, like to have a wank even if a hot chick is lying in their bed, or if not lying then even more likly. First time I saw this type of sex doll was on a porn channel..It got me because it's small, affordable but still a sexy piece. Was love at first sight. /laughs/ 


James: When about did you see this video? 

Hank: Roughly about 2 and a half years back. It was the Lucy model...I know it for sure coz I ordered it right away. I was super excited to have it a teenager, was counting the days. /chuckles/  As far as I remember I was lucky coz it has arrived in 12 days, in a coozie box.

James: Yes, we pay attention to the packaging...discretion and accuracy are utmost important for us.  

Hank: I wouldn't have thought it's gonna be so cool, until I unpacked my present. Its waist completely fit my hand, it has weight to it, and warm touching, like real skin. I ordered a few hair colors as well..I just couldn't wait to test it. 

James: Can you tell us about your first experience?

Hank: To sum it...first of all, it's easy to clean which is really important because I stuff the doll's vagina with lube...I really like it when it claps. I'm also in love with the hair. It's awesome when it tickles my balls and the legs are drumming on my belly. The vacuum it produces is as unforgottable, as my french girl, Juliette.

James: So the vacuum...I know everyone's gonna like it. 

Hank: Juliett can suck so well, when I come I feel my squirting cum comes form my spine. She sucks my dick as it was a straw, meantime she gulps. When I ordered your Lucy doll I had no idea that it can imitate the same feeling. During action I sticked my finger into the dolls mouth so I felt like I was coming into Juliette's mouth. It's amazing. My cock was harder than usual and even become more sensitive. I can say it by heart, that fucking Lucy doll is way better than fucking a lazy bitch. /laughs/  But it's an affect of the vacuum my dick is stone hard and my orgasm was more intense. At the end my cum comes out on the dolls mouth which gives a bit exotic feel to it. Perhaps it sounds weird, but my wife loves to pull Lucy on my dick then swap places. 

James: Hank do you have a message to the world?

Hank: Of course...Guys, you gotta try this if you wanna know what does a good suck and fuck combo means. Your chick is gonna love it too, coz you will be harder and more durable. 

James: Thanks Hank :)

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Good packaging : thanks. I also appreciate the certificate joined...


The doll looks even better in reality : great work !


I did not notice before purchasing that the skeleton gives ability to "pose" her : good surprise for me too 😊


I do not understand why your dolls are not more "well known" : I found them by chance looking for something else ! As I have seen the quality with the real object now, I think they they should have a greater success !


Thanks for all and happy new year !
A customer from US
I have bought a spitback doll some months ago. Everythings OK amazing doll/high quality!
Thank you
A customer from Canada

Received my Lucy doll today and she's all i expected... yummm
Thank you all at Spit-backdoll for your creations!

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