Camille Specification:


Height: 170 cm

Chest: 84 cm

Waist 54 cm

Hip: 88 cm

Oral: 13 cm

Anal: 15 cm

Vaginal: 17 cm


Camille is this super hot cheerleader for a basketball team. She is like the queen bee everywhere. People follow her around, tons of players hit on her, and some shallow girls hang around her hoping her popularity will land them a score. She’s even got a few stalkers. One of them is this photographer for a local press who met her at a game. Every now and then he would show up outside Camille’s windows with his camera kit. It was creepy at first, but then she just got used to it. Sometimes she would even tease him on the other side of window by posing provocatively. Today as she finished her shower, that creep showed up again. Camille was not in the mood, but then she thought to herself, maybe the photos will be leaked and go viral like Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. She wouldn’t need to face the same daily life, and she may even find some deep pockets like Kanye West’s to play in. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Then she slowly she removed her robe…..

Camille 170 cm: £1007~$1300~€1167


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