Spit-backdoll is the best sextoy what's ever made.

Best feeling, with special design and vacuum function.

Easy to clean,removable parts.

Variable eyes and hairs.

Easy to store and hide.

Adjustable positions by protected skeleton.

Real skin effect and very enjoyable softness by special medical silicone.

The cheapest on the market!


Let's enjoy it in 2020 too!

Dear Costumer,

You are about to experience the soft skin platinum silicone, a new
compound which is more enjoyable for the users.

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Package is discrete, the doll comes with user manual and certificate.
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Anett Doll £199 ~235€ ~259$

Anett Doll

Amazon Doll £199 ~235€ ~259$

Amazon Doll

Lucy ST £199 ~235€ ~259$

Lucy ST

Eve Doll £759~€860~$970

Eve Doll

Miriam doll £469~€529~$585

Miriam doll

Lykke Doll £199 ~235€ ~259$

Lykke Doll

Stella Doll £199 ~235€ ~259$

Stella Doll

Emilie Doll £199 ~235€ ~259$

Emilie Doll

Camille 170 cm: £1200~$1550~€1370

Camille Doll

Catherine Doll:  £1200~$1550~€1370

Catherine Doll

Luna 168 cm: £1200~$1550~€1370

Luna Doll

Tina Doll £585~€669~$785

Tina Doll


Eve Love Doll  Show


Material: TPE with metal skeleton
Usable parts:Vagina,Mouth,Anus
Vagina/Mouth/Anus depth: 18cm/17cm/13cm
Height : 140cm
Packing Size:135*49*33cm


Eve 140 cm: £759~€860~$970

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